Luxury Motorhome

This big yellow luxury motorhome is another one being offered by Five-R Trailer, which also has the big blue RV we did a write up for here (click here to read it).

This one is also a Silver Crown model. It’s based on a Kenworth T-2000 as well, and is a 45 foot long motorhome towing a 26 foot stacker trailer.

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The truck itself is a 2008 model, and in its current condition it’s “slightly used” with 20,000 miles on it.

Some mechanical specs: 475 horsepower with its Cat engine, and 1,750 feet pounds of torque. It has a 10-speed gearbox by Eaton. It has a 40,000 pound towing capacity.

The body: it’s 45 feet long, as I mentioned, and it has three RV slide units.

The interior of this luxury motorhome looks like it might be fairly done up, but it’s a little hard to tell by the photos, as compared with the high-quality photos made available for the other (blue) motorhome.

However, the specs for the motorhome’s interior stacks up:

Cabinets made of walnut, heated floors with granite surface, countertops also granite, substantial entertainment system with 3 TVs and a stereo system. Kitchen with touch-controlled electric cook top, refrigerator, stainless steel sinks, water filtration.

It has a bunch of other features as well, which are more the kind an actual buyer would want to take a look at, not someone who’s just interested in the truck itself, which can be found on the page.

Visit Five-R Trailer (click here). See the blue RV (click here).

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