Huge Piece of Industrial Equipment

Scheurle non-cassette carrier

What is this unusual-looking piece of industrial equipment? We have heavy equipment called “Caterpillars”, right? This one looks a bit like a centipede. It’s actually a Scheuerle non-cassette carrier.

Great. So what is a “non-cassette carrier” then?

They move stacks of steel plate during operations, and when they do it they don’t need pallets. They also can be used to roll freight on and off of transport ships.

It’s based on a ladder-type frame. It has 24 steered axles and 48 tires. And it’s around 25 meters long.

How much weight? 250 tons over the whole length (each fork can handle 30 tons load).

It’s powered by a MAN 6-cyl 338 KW engine.

This is a new vehicle for me. If anybody wants to comment on how good they are and their uses, or share photos of them being used, please do so. I’d be interested to see them.

Scheurle non-cassette carrier