Original Big Rig Motorhome

Original Kingsley Coach

This big RV home on wheels is the Peterbilt I’ve seen several people refer to as “the original Kingsley Coach. We all know Kingsley luxury RV semi coaches, right? We’ve featured a few of them in our write-ups here.

This one has the lowest serial number on it. “Original Kingsley Coach serial #1001.” It was built by hand for the founder of Kingsley Coach. It’s a 1990 Peterbilt 379 tractor joined to a 1985 Provest XL motorcoach. I think the idea here the guy had was power and luxury at the highest retail level available.

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The luxury big rig RV has a 400 big cam Cummins engine in it and a 5-speed Allison HT 754 transmission (automatic).

This first number is the only Kingsley Coach ever done with a Provest coach.

Features of this big luxury motorhome (or at least recently when it came up for sale about a year ago in Merritt Island, Florida):
2-100 gallon fuel tanks
aproximately 150 gallon fresh water tank
new 5000 watt power inverter
new batteries
2 central a/c units
one roof top a/c unit
3 heaters
2 flat screen TVs with built in DVD players
Interior recently upgraded
no propane

The milage was 84,998. Not sure what the price was. It’s no longer listed on the sales page if it ever was. Update — found the price: $99,900. Too bad about the annoying “SOLD” signs in the photos. We updated this write up on the Kingsley motor coach here (click here).

Original Big Rig RV