Classic Custom Sleepers

Custom Sleepers

These big sleeper units on cabovers (they used them on conventionals, too, of course) started showing up increasingly in the late 70s and early 80s when Double Eagle Sleepers started making them.

They came in sizes between 30″ sleepers and 84″ “mansion” sleepers. And they came skinny and low-ceiled to big stand-up walk-ins.

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The company came out of Shipshewana, Indiana, they built sleepers that aimed for quality — standards that exceeded government regulations for them.

The custom sleepers were made by John Bontrager, Ervin Bontrager, Marvin Bontrager and Ray Miller.

They also offered “standard” sleeper conversions, but that was often just a starting point for the custom sleepers they were asked to build.

They have an aluminum framing structure, heli-arc welded joints, aluminum exterior panels, and fluted rear walls.

The sleeper units all have four or more door to the compartment (2 sleeper doors and 2 for luggage compartment). Longer ones had more, because they had bathrooms and so forth.

They also worked on quality luxury interior finishings, as can be seen in the example photos.

Here are some old pictures from Overdrive Magazine. Visit Overdrive Magazine online (click here).

sleeper unit (2) sleeper unit (3) sleeper unit (1)