2016 Luxury Motor Home

2016 luxury motor home

Luxury motor home enthusiasts have a whole new crop of vehicles for the year. This one is a 2016 Renegade with a powerful 600 horsepower engine. It’s just got around 1,500 miles on it and it came up on a luxury, or “elite,” motorhomes for sale site.

This Explorer XL is a popular model of the Renegade, and Renegade itself is a popular motor home, according to Elite Auto SLLC, who listed the RV. As you can see in the picture above, Renegade built this one on a International Lonestar chassis.

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The motorhome is powered by a Cummins deisel engine with 600 HP and has an 18-speed ultrashift auto push button transmission.

The vehicle is a tandem axle, has a 4-point leveling system to get it sitting level when you want to relax, an electronic brake controller with a digial display, side swing baggage doors,

And you can see it has RV slide outs. This motorhome has three slides. One is a slide out room that’s 12 feet.

The interior is a comfortable looking one. Everything looks top of the line for quality in terms of motor home interiors, and it hasn’t been customed out to the point of being a little crazy like some motorhomes. Of course, its fairly new so it hasn’t had an owner to really flush it out one way or another. Its just a new 2016 luxury motorhome. The price tag on this one is $448,980 folks. Visit Elite Auto SLLC (click here).

2016 luxury motor home