The 200″ Sleeper, Longest Factory-Made Tractor at Work

This giant semi with its giant sleeper and, it seems, just the way he put the whole thing together, has become a bit of a star on this little website. Here’s another picture of this giant semi sleeper unit, and some more information about the truck from all the people who’ve commented on it.

We’ve already written about the size of this custom tractor’s sleeper — 205 inches (click here). And we’ve written about how the truck itself is the longest factory-made tractor (385 wheel base) (click here), and posted a couple of photos of the interior thanks to Bill N’Kristy Thompson, which was something a lot of people were wanting to see.

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So far the biggest issue people have raised with it is logistics — how to get this truck into small lots, how to get enough weight on it to make enough money — while a lot of people have been in favor of the comfort it must provide. Even though a lot of other owner-operators and drivers who’ve driven these have commented and let us know they’re actually not that hard to drive, except in the smallest lots, and they’re not that heavy either, we’ve seen a number of photos of this truck doing what it does to make money — hauling expensive equipment like airplane parts.

Actually, of the big sleeper semis we’ve done write ups for on here, a lot of them seem to be driven by owner-operator who haul this type of cargo.

Of the questions people have that remain about this truck (maybe you guys can fill these parts in): What year is the tractor? What company did the sleeper? What kind of engine is in it? There was a fair amount of debate about whether it was a Cat or a Cummins diesel. So if you guys could fill in these details, I think we could answer just about everything people want to know about this truck here.

For those of you who don’t know, by the way, this is the truck that used to belong to Tony Bennet and his wife, and he drove it for Southern Pride. I haven’t seen a name attached to the truck yet, but truckers seem to refer to it occasionally as “Yellow Submarine.”