Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

Flowers on a cupcake, and the flowers are marshmallows, and the marshmallows have sprinkles! Well, worth a look. These cupcakes are EASY to make look professional.

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How to make these creations?

Take small white marshmallows and cut them in half with scissors. You can collect the snippings in a bowl. As you can see, the sort of already resemble the shape of thick little flower petals.

Then you take those snippings and put them in plastic zip-lock bags with one color of sprinkles in each bag (or you can use another container — it’s just easy to shake the sprinkles onto the marshmallows in a bag).

Shake the marshmallows and sprinkles — they will stick to the cut end of the marshmallows, because that end (the end that was cut recently) will be sticky and a bit gooey. They won’t stick to the rest, which is more powdery.

Prepare the multi-colored marshmallows. Then ice the cupcakes the regular way and arrange the marshmallows (now Petals) rightside-up on the cupcakes.

You can put them all in a flower basked for an extra touch.

Lets look for a moment at alternatives to sugary marshmallows. Did you ever think of making them yourself at home, and using honey to sweeten them?

One note: you can vary the amount of starch you put in, to manipulate the consistency of your products.

You can also flavor them with more than just honey: for example, cinnamon and other spices. Vanilla extract, maple syrup, coconut, and tapioca, too.

However, candy might be difficult to make. Its said to really depend a lot on knowing and controlling TEMPERATURES.

We will be putting up a how to make for home-made marshmallows soon. Or if you have one that worked for you, feel free to send it to us. We’ll link to ours as soon as it is up!

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