Chalk Paint 101 – How To Get That Vintage Look

Does pastel remind you of the 50s? This vintage look can be achieved with chalk paint. You can paint your old (or new) furniture with chalk paint to get this look… do it yourself. Chalk paint is different from other paint because it contains plaster (because of the plaster it will stick to almost any […]

Save Your Citrus Trees With White Paint

Saplings and very young trees are susceptible to damage in ways older, bigger trees are not vulnerable to. An old-time method of dealing with this is shielding trees behind a layer of white paint. Insect damage to trees, sunscald, cracked, damaged bark on the young saplings and trees can all be minimized with white paint. […]

How to Build Your Own Regulation Cornhole Set

Cornhole sets are fairly expensive to buy in stores, right? And it’s just wood and beanbags. But actually, wood is expensive, and the product has significant size and weight. It’s not like it’s made out of plastic or something. However, you can cut costs by making your own. TOOLS Jig Saw Measuring Tape Compass Drill […]


What Is Tilt Shift?… And Some Amazing Van Gogh Examples

Reprinted with permission from What is tilt-shift and how is it used? Some examples — these amazing Van Gough scenes — of tilt shift will give a good context. But there’s more than one way to create the effect of these images, as you’ll later find out in this article. However, you probably want […]

Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

Flowers on a cupcake, and the flowers are marshmallows, and the marshmallows have sprinkles! Well, worth a look. These cupcakes are reportedly EASY to make look professional. How to make these creations? Take small white marshmallows and cut them in half with scissors. You can collect the snippings in a bowl. As you can see, […]

Summer Cold

How to Cure the Symptoms of a Summer Cold

When it comes to colds, treating things is a little complicated, because you generally need to treat each symptom separately. As your cold progresses from sore throat to runny nose and weepy eyes to cough to sneezing, you need to treat each of those symptoms. But first, lets look at what you should be doing […]

6 Pest Control Tips for Spring

6 Pest Control Tips for Spring – Do It Yourself!

The coming of the spring season will make many¬†homeowners busy preparing for a summer of pest-free dwelling. Yards and gardens must be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of annoying bugs and pests. It is a tedious and undesirable task to be done, but there are some ways to lessen pest swarms. Pests come from outside […]

An incredibly detailed guide to dying your hair red with henna

An incredibly detailed guide to dying hair red with henna

If you want to dye your hair red, then opting for henna is the most sensible course of action. In contrast to other products available on the market today, henna gives a result that is more permanent. However, the process does not come easy. Here are the following things you need to do when you […]