Unique “Tuner Truck” Custom Semi

Tuner Truck

This unique “tuner truck” is one out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, belongs to the Jade Transport company there.

It’s a 2007 Peterbilt 379 Legacy (#424). The wheelbase on the truck is 310 inches (factory). The sleeper unit on it there is a 70 inch standup. The owners call this truck “High Anxiety,” and the custom truck was built to showcase Jonathan and David Dyck’s fiberglass truck fender and accessory company, Shift Products.

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Truck was built by Rob Pellack and Ben Caton over the course of 2 years. Then Rob left the company nd the custom job was completed by Ben and Nathan. The conception was drawn out by John and Dave.


Engine: Caterpillar 625 horsepower
Transmission: 18 speed Auto
Sleeper: 70 inch standup

Some of the customization:

– innovative air intake system using hood scoops from a Subaru WRX-STI tuner car and K&N filters mounted inline inside the tubes. The hood scoops are where the old air cleaners were.

– installed “weed burner” exhaust pipes under truck

– billet grills (from Ford F450s) cut and modified to make unique grill

– two standard 16-inch tapered bumpers made into the front bumper

– custom one-off fiberglass drop visor

– custom fabricated covers on battery / step boxes

– paint is custom blend: organge and pearl

– hood is painted black (tuner look) and black vinyl stripes

– wheels have black painted centers

These photos and information come from Ten Four Magazine. Visit Ten Four.

Tuner Truck (3) Tuner Truck (2) Tuner Truck