Ultimate Toy Hauler

For those RVers who need more than a motorhome or fifth wheel to sleep in and do some recreating or cooking, some turn to buying toy hauler RVs. A toy hauler is really a motorhome or fifth wheel that has a section of the unit dedicated to storing and transporting toys.

Toy haulers and another customized motorhome-like large vehicle, horse carriers, are things we featured here before, but now we’re going to look at the limits of toy haulers. What is the biggest one?

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According to RVs AxleGeeks, the longest fifth wheel toy hauler is around 44 feet, and its the Jayco Seismic. It’s actually 44 feet, 2 inches, and has a MSRP of around $80K. That’s production though. You might have seen some of the modifications even longer.

And for motorhome-style? The longest I’ve seen is probably motorhomes that tow a trailer, especially the ones made by Powerhouse coach, which over the years they’ve been building so many different types of custom motorhomes and other RVs, they’ve come out with some VERY long ones (here’s one).

There’s also some interesting ways of bringing toys and secondary vehicles (besides towing). Here (click here) is a bus with a compartment underneath it for a car, and a platform slides out to park on, then slides in and tucks the car away.

If you want to go by what others have rated for “the ultimate,” or by price, these are probably both the same: Shane Guirdy’s 2014 Prevost with toy trailer, which cost $2.8 mil (he had another 2.something mil one before that as well, which he gave to his son when he got this one). And, for those interested in the toy hauler pictured above, its from Double Trailers (click here).