A Trucking Couple

Two's Truckin

A couple truckers, or a trucker couple, owns this semi tractor / more or less RV unit. They’re Duane and Cindy Anwiler and they’re from North Dakota. They’ve been trucking together for 12 years. They get a good amount of money, travel freely, and spend time with each other.

This story has a bit of the old guy-asks-girl-out-but-she-says-no-so-he-asks-again to it. He had to ask her out for several months in Nebraska where he was doing some farming for a while before she said yes to a dinner with him. They got married in 1980 and soon after returned to North Dakota, Duane’s home.

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After Duane started driving trucks again, he started to teach Cindy how to drive. This is the second truck they had. It was a:

2003 Peterbilt 379 (bought new)

Cat C-15 engine

18-speed transmission

3.55 rears

70 inch standup sleeper

Basically stock.

But since then they’ve done some customization to this tractor:

changing headlights

adding double JJ fender brackets and blinker bars

rebuilt motor (when it fell apart)

upgraded the sleeper

stretched the wheelbase from 272 to 322″

mounted a new 120-inch ARI sleeper to the truck

added oversized front rims and tires

installed a new 14,400 heavy duty front axle

added a 32-inch flat screen TV and sound system

oak cabinets

two-burner cooktop

microwave/convection oven,

toilet and shower,


70-gallon water gank,


two 170-gallon fuel tanks

They also added custom exterior features to their truck:

7-inch chrome exhaust

seven KW grille bars

stainless steel cab and sleeper panels

stainless steel trim pieces with lights around the sleeper

headache rack behind big bunk

added chrome-colored graphics to the raspberry pearl paintjob

Visit Ten Four Magazine, where we learned about this trucking story.

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