The Original Big Rig RV (UPDATED)

Original Kingsley Coach

This big original toterhome RV has been commented by all kinds of folks so far. The consensus: largely favorable for the large RV.

Big motorhome, RV and semi truck enthusiasts commented on the class of this RV unit, but also noted it might be challenging in a campround or RV park.

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Some people wondered about the price these big motorhomes go for. I have seen new ones for around half a million and up, some a bit less. I’ve also seen used but still pretty new ones for a few hundred thousand. I’ve also seen ones that look pretty functional but don’t necessarily have all the luxury RV interior features some of the fancier ones have, and they can be down around $100,000 or less.

Some people also commented on the mix. That’s what this truck is famous for, more or less. It was the first “toterhome” — a large truck chassic and they put a motorhome conversion onto it, to have an RV with a lot of power and size: Ty Cheatham expressed this nicely: “Wow what a nice merge of 2 different types of RV’s. That coach definitely didn’t start out that way, the shell is from an older Prevost 40ft motor coach attached to the frame of the Peterbuilt conventional front end.”

Giving more information about the specs, Akkermans Ca Bill commented, “That is a Prevost put on a Peterbilt well done , I like to see the engine compartment, because Prevo has the engine in the rear, i don’t think that the front has a engine? As well the length is over the lawfull length i guess.”

If anyone knows for sure about where the encine is on this one, let us know for sure and we’ll update this.

A lot of people also commented that this looked like the one LeAnn Rimes or her father had. That’s correct as far as I know. Although this isn’t the one, it is also a Kingsley custom motor coach toterhome. That one is red and we also wrote about it here (link will be added when I locate it).

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