The NEW Longest Semi Tractor Made

One of the favorite giant semi sleeper tractors (of all time, probably) is Tony Bennett’s old bright yellow one that was running for Southern Pride trucking. Owner-operators and truck drivers everywhere have appreciated this truck, and one of the interesting things about it is it was the longest factory-made truck.

But now there’s a new longest factory made truck, by the looks of things. This one comes to us from Ron Arguin, a member of the Plains Trains page.

According to Ron, this big red sleeper semi is the biggest to come out of ARI now. It’s a 260″ bunk on a 410 wheelbase. The big yellow Southern Pride truck was a 385 wheelbase with a 205 inch Double Eagle studio sleeper unit on it. So the math checks out.

So this big tractor (photo above) is a Landstar Kenoworth T880.

It was built by ARI sleepers for a couple, Larry and Sarah, at Ft Wayne Truck Center. The paint is Candy Apple Red painted by CRS Custom Paint.

With a big semi sleeper unit like this, how long could you stay on the road before having to return back, long-haul drivers? Or maybe this is a question that can even go to the RVers out there? How does a 260 inch bunk compare with a luxury motorhome, fifth wheeler or toy hauler?