Stylish Future Trucks

This future truck concept has some style, it’s called the Ivenco concept truck, and its a Grabcad design by Ivan Tarantini, and it got a good amount of appreciation from the designers on Grabcad.

“It could be the truck of the future,” stated the future semi tractor designer about this model.

The truck design was also picked up by other online game/simulator people, like on Modhoster (click here), where they modified it to be a truck for their farming community.

And here’s another future truck concept, called the OEX-B (pictur below), designed by Hamid Bekradi. This one is designed with overlanding in mind.

Among the standout features of this motorhome RV, future style: huge, rounded windows all over the place, a spare tire you can always keep an eye on (and a bumper that would definitely pierce anything it crashed into, and solar panels that expand as a sort of wing atop the vehicle.

Oh, and this motorhome design also has a sun-deck.

Visit Grabcad digital design forum (click here).

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