“Motor Home Brew”

motor home

This great motorhome — or toterhome — belongs to one of the members of the Planes, Trains page, Gary K. McNally. Actually, the way he tells the story of it is better than I could do, so I’ll let him tell you about it:

“Here is my motorhome, dubbed ‘Cactus Pete.’

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“She is home brewed. I wish I could take credit for the build, but that would go to the man I bought her from in 2010, he was 71 years old at the time. She started off life as a single axle day cab with a fifth wheel.

“A 1988 model 376 Peterbilt, with a 8.3L Cummins 6cyl and a 7 speed fuller transmission.

“The fifth wheel was removed, chassis extended. A refrigerator box was ordered without a rear door from Kidron (boy, they must have been scratching their heads) The stainless steel was all custom fabricated. She was built between 1998-2002. Off season camping or extreme climates are no problem due to the insulation of the refrigerator box. She has a fifty gallon saddle tank on the passenger side, and on the driver’s side hidden behind the stainless is a 150 gallon tank giving a total fuel capacity of 200 gallons.

“All I did was to update the interior and replace the side exhaust to a stack.”

I have to agree with you Gary, it’s great to see “home-brewed stuff.” We post a lot of write ups of professional level custom semis and luxury motorhomes or other luxury RVs, but we’ll try to feature more home grown vehicles moving forward. And yes, you’re right again, I think, there are just so many creative ideas out there!

“One of the photos is a scratch built model my elderly neighbor made for me as a gift.”

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