Monster Powerhouse Motorhome Has A Ton Of Features

According to Powerhouse Coach:

“We have been working hard for over a year now designing and developing the new Ultra Coach line here at Powerhouse with 3 hydraulic slide out rooms , R-10 wall & R-25 floor & ceiling insulation ( one of the highest in the industry).”

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This new triple slide offers an interior 378 square feet when the side panels slide out.

On the exterior, if you look under the awnings of these RVs, you’ll find a refrigerator rolls out of the unit for outside access. The RV also has a 27 inch TV that rolls out of under the awning with a DVD/VCR. Also, a BBQ grill and a propane camp fire.

Powerhouses all have a bunch of TVs, an office, big couches, and a ton of creature comforts inside.

Behind the unit, there is a hydraulics car lift so you can tow almost any vehicle without setting it up special for towing. “How much does it cost you every time you trade tow vehicles and tow bars,” asks Powerhouse. the lift slides in and out from under the back of the TV when its operator pushes a button. It’s rated extended at 3500 lb. lift & 7800 lb. towing. You can lift a 3/4 sized pickup from it so the pickup just runs on its back wheels.

You often see them towing boats though. These units really do have a ton of features. Bells and whistles.