Have You Seen Harley Davidson’s 2016 Models?

Harley Davidson showed off its new motorcycles this week.

What’s new? Some previous models have changed after Harley Davidson received some customer feedback on them.

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Harley also introduced two new Softails and some upgrades on their Sportsters.

Upgrades: Sportster Forty-Eight and the Street 750. Both $450 more with the new wheels and suspension.

“Riders have long since complained about the lack of suspension with Harley. Here’s our answer,” said Ben McGinley, Harley-Davidson’s Designer/Stylist and the man behind the design of the new Forty-Eight, about the new heavy-duty suspension on Harley’s flashy Sporty.

So? Gigantic 43mm front forks.

Also, the Forty-Eight has cast wheels over the spokes in previous models, losing a total of eight pounds in rotating mass.

The front end might have a heavier feel to it now. The turning radius is comfortable because of the lack of rake.

If you’re a biker then you’ll definitely be wanting to take this out for a ride and test its limits. If you do this then you’ll want to have to right protection, like a helmet or boots should you crash. Click Here if you need to buy biking boots. The bikes do look amazing but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive them safely.

The Street 750: “It’s for the new rider, also those new to the brand, but it’s also a bike built for the global market,” said a Harley rep.

The 2016 Harley Sportster retails for $11,199 and the 2016 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 retails for $8,849.

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There’s also a new model: The 2016 Harley-Davidson SuperLow 1200T (starts at $ 13,799)

One warm review states: “If ever a motorcycle could turn a trip to the corner store into a cross-country trek, the SuperLow® 1200T model is the one. You’ve got a light, nimble frame for easy handling. Detachable windshield and lockable saddlebags for the open road. A new seat for all-day comfort. And a low center of gravity coupled with an all-new suspension that lets you eat tight city traffic and twisting miles of highway with equal ease. Fire it up. See where it takes you.”

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