Giant Studio Sleeper on this One

This huge studio sleeper conversion conventional is one you might have seen … everywhere. It’s gone viral quite a few times, but I hadn’t seen any information on the truck itself until recently. Hopefully, after we post it on social media, you guys’ll all let us know even more about it, and we’ll update this post and give you credit for your info, like we usually do.

There’s even some photos of the inside now. These sleeper interior photos were taken by Keith Knierim. It’s his truck! The photos are at the bottom.

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The main picture (above) was taken at the Richard Crane Memorial truck show at St Ignace, Michigan.

Trucker drivers and others like the big stacks and the big bedroom both on this truck, as well as the look of it. The only thing people have to say of it on the other side are about how much money a person could make with it, the studio sleeper taking up so much space and all. So Keith if you read this maybe you can let us know, and we’ll quote you on here. Also, I know you have a bunch of photos of your rig, so if you have another one you like better than this one, let us know.

Other owner-operators and truck drivers have already said even that large sleeper isn’t too big for making income if you have a dedicated run. And from other big sleeper semi units we’ve done write ups for in the past, I can tell you the owners of these trucks pretty much all say the weight is not as much as many people might think it is.

Giant Studio Sleeper on this One (4) Giant Studio Sleeper on this One (2) Giant Studio Sleeper on this One (3)