Giant Sleeper

Giant Sleeper

There has been a lot of discussion on this big sleeper semi. Some people really like them, use them, are ordering them for their vehicles, some aren’t such fans because of the reduced ability to haul loads and other usage issues.

One of the strongest arguments in favor of these big sleepers on semi tractors came from Jay Blanchard, who wrote: ‘Haha, I love all the expert comments. “It’s useless”, “Can’t haul anything”, “Can’t make any money”….y’all crack me up. I have a fairly small sleeper compared to some of my friends, and I go to Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago…..all the big cities. I get around just fine and with an empty weight (truck and trailer) of 44,000 lb….I do just fine. It’s all about the rate and not about the weight. Inform yourself before making wild accusations. Be safe out there everyone!’

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The owners themselves also sent us a link to their webpage (link at bottom). They use this truck as part of their “Semi Working Vacation.”

They listed some further details:

MODEL: 2006 Kenworth W900L
Wheelbase: 386
Sleeper: 230 inch ICT sleeper
Engine: 600 Cat
Rears: 336
Length: 39 and a half, bumper-to-bumper
Trailer: 48 foot specialized temperature controlled
Weight: 34,000 for the tractor
Weight with trailer: 54,000
Usual weight of freight: a couple thousand pounds
Total hauling capacity: 24,000

Visit Semi Working Vacation (click here).