Giant Sleeper Kenworth

Giant Sleeper

The W900 with its traditional long hood style is a classic according to many truckers and big rig lovers, and anything with a sleeper this big and a custom paint job will be sure to get a lot of attention — even more than big trucks already get.

The W900s are well-made and are solid trucks to have. When you buy them from Kenworth, you buy them to your own specs, so they’re all different, as most trucks are. They’ve also been popular with big rig custom projects, like this one.

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This one has a giant sleeper on it. More like a room than what most truckers think of as a sleeper. It could easily serve as an RV vehicle. Some truckers and trucker couples / families use sleepers this big and bigger to enable them to live together as they transport goods across the country, despite the reduced load capacity this much size and weight amounts to.

Anyone who knows the name of this giant sleeper Kenworth or something more about it, let us know and we’ll update this article as we have done when you’ve commented on trucks in the past. (Update: Lisa Bowman Ringelstetter who owns the truck contacted us to say it was hers. Thanks, Lisa! Link to her webpage at the bottom.)

The W900 is still produced and sells well from what I understand.

The new 2016 W900L’s can cost around a quarter of a million dollars, but they’re also listed down around $160,000 for more basic models without sleepers. To read more about this 2006 custom, click here.