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road train

What we have here, truckers, is a small Australian road train crossing the Daly River in the Northern Territory. Those three trailers behind that Aussie tractor: for picking up cattle to take to market, and it was taken by Ask An Aussie Farmer, a very interesting and valuable initiative undertake by a group of real farmers who will answer questions people have about their “food and fiber.” (visit them click here).

Road trains are pretty famous worldwide among truckers, and whether you’re an owner-operator or driver who would like to try out pulling 4 or 5 trailers or you’d rather not, they are an interesting way of doing things, and maybe they’re especially suited to Australia, although the country does also have a fairly extensive cross-country train system (east to west and along the west coast, as well as north to south.

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Ann Britton commented on the AAAF site, and her point was a good one, I think you’d agree: “When you thank a farmer for your next meal, thank a livestock truckie too I reckon, good livestock truckies are worth their weight in gold, I treasure ours & tell them so, cause I know our stock will be looked after. Happy Easter to all the Truckies on the road, keeping our nation moving.”

In some places in Australia, though, it seems, road train trucking is not in practice. In some areas they aren’t allowed, and they do side loading, which is supposedly easier.