Custom Argosy

freightliner argosy

There are some common problems associated with Cabover (COE) style trucks. Some of these lead to high insurance claims, such as the problem of getting INTO THE CAB.

Freightliner has addressed this problem. When you pull the door open with the handle, the staircase electronically rotates out to meet your ready-to-climb feet. A “swing-out staircase” that opens 26 degrees and can hold 205 kilograms (tested at over 300 though). It doesn’t open at high grades and only while the parking break is on — not while the truck is moving.

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You can open the door without it opening. There’s a disarming button beside the door. There’s also an override switch INSIDE the cab.

It also won’t open if someone is in the way (like a child). It also won’t close on someone.

You kind of enter from behind, so it actually looks pretty easy to enter the cab with luggage.

This Argosy pictured though has a huge extended cab. How comfortable would that be? Considering how strong these aluminum-frame units are, how stable and smooth that large interior would be.


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