Custom Semi Truck Limo (2,000 HP)


This is the semi limo of Jeff Botelho, a 2002 Peterbilt 379 four-door limousine big rig with a 360-inch wheelbase and a 15-foot long cab floor. The truck was built in 2010 and was featured on the show “American Trucker” in 2011, and won a prize at the Louisville, Kentucky Big Rig Build Off competion (but not a first prize). It’s called a “Cowboy Limousine” by the custom semi builders.

The rig also has a 2,000 horsepower Caterpillar C-16 engine (that was a C-15 before a rebuild).

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As you can probably guess, this custom truck is not a daily runner for transporting anything. Except people, maybe. It’s done up with being a limo in mind.

The bumper pretty much smoothes out gravel if you’re off pavement.

Notable modifications:
– cut down 3 inches a Peterbilt Ultra roof cap for the front
– bright green paint on chassis, drive train and dash by PPG (a sponsor for the build off). The paint was also customized when Botelho brought it back to the paint show to adjust the color.
– Polished button-head bolts on frame
– Engine re-paint
– Custom upholstery by Castillo’s Upholstery in Modesto, CA

Interior photo Exterior photo