Boondocking To the Tenth Power….Solar Power that is…

Solar Power

This vehicle makes the most of the sun, you could say. From the huge flat windshield which would let in so much sunlight to the less-than-professional-but-gotta-hand-it-to-the-guys-who-did-it solar panel job on the roof.

“Solar Panel Installation Gone Extreme” as Full Time RV Warriors Put it.

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This find comes to us from Full Time RV Road Warriors blog, who put it in their best of Custom “So Ugly it’s Cool” campers category. Too bad there weren’t any other pictures of this thing or its owners.

Solar panels are great for anyone who fulltimes or part-times, though, right? Forget that, they’re great for anyone period. They have been shown to save people a large amount of money when attached to homes, which is always such a bonus and then you can keep that money for a rainy day. I guess the ultimate ‘rainy day’ is retirement. The prospect of financial insecurity during retirement can be really frightening. I guess this is why some people like to release equity, from somewhere like, in order to have more security and the chance to enjoy themselves with holidays. So combining release equity and investing in solar panels should be a really good combination. Mount one on your car or truck or van, and you can go out on a sunny day and cook your food, run a fan or heater, use your electronic devices, listen to a bit of the radio. It’s great. And technology has been improving to the point where RVers and others can make use of the lesser sunlight on cloudy days — more absorptive and efficient solar panels! If you’re looking for solar panel ideas and you don’t support Sandbar Solar initiatives, check them out for more information on the latest news.

Have you looked at the options? I have a portable generator. Its like a few feet by a few feet, weighs a ton, and is pretty loud to run. Plus you need to fill it with gas. Just a part of the RV lifestyle I guess, to have to spend SO MUCH TIME on maintenance and preparation. I guess that’s part of the joy.

But solar can be expensive, particularly because you need to be able to hold the energy in a battery. There are loads of different types of batteries that you could get though, for example, you could get something like this deep cycle solar battery, but it’s up to you.

Over the previous year I’ve seen a lot of things on solar devices 100 times more efficient than previous… ! Things like that. I also saw a map of how much energy it would take to power the whole world. I mean how big a piece of land. It looks pretty small (although its massively huge if you were to look at it from the ground instead of a map).