Big Custom Motorcoach

This big custom motorhome slash semi tractor is the work of a custom motorcoach company we’ve featured here a couple of times, Davies Motor Company, because their work has caught our attention and other peoples attention as well.

They take semi tractors (which don’t look much like these finished toterhome products they come up with) and strip them down and re-build them up into these luxury motorhomes. Basically toterhomes. They seem to have their own style though, Davies motorcoachs I mean.

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The process: they buy a semi tractor, strip it, stretch the frame out, lift the sleeper off with a folk lift (if there is a sleeper on the truck).

Then they modify the cab and hood: they cut open the back of the cab wider (if needs be), rework the wheel fenders, remove the hood and pretty much everything else, paint prep by grinding and filling, do a paint prep layeer over the whole truck (all the parts that will be painted), mount new steps, boxes and other chrome features.

Then then built the sleeper frame and put the sleeper walls on — I’ve seen them use these big ones like the photo above, studio sleeper units some call them, put in windows, build the roof of the sleeper, grind it all for painting, brace it all for strength, secure the skylights, and then mount the sleeper on the frame.

They paint the truck body with its final paint, paint the sleeper with its, and then assemble the two parts.

Then they do finishing work by adding lights, frame metal, and other features, decals, and any semi truck customization.

Then there’s just the interior to customize. These are usually custom luxury interiors or even just custom comfortable interiors, depending on what the buyer wants to do with the RV.

To visit Davies Motor Company, click here.

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