200″ Sleeper Tractor

Big bunk semi in a color it would be hard not to notice, here is a custom extended sleeper that runs for “Southern Pride.” It was owned by the Bennetts. Some reports have it they still have the big yellow sleeper and others that they sold it to a SPT driver.

The bread and butter of the company “Southern Pride” is moving jet engines between airports across the US on an expedited basis. Sometimes the jobs are done on a moment’s notice. A lot of their tractors have big sleepers like this, reportedly. They’re based in San Diego, California.

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The owners basically live in the trucks and run them across the country on irregular basis.

Apparently, a guy on HanksTruckForum took a ride with the owner of this “Southern Pride” custom sleeper. He said the owner sold his house to out it on the open road with his wife. The owner of the big yellow semi lives on the truck.

This is a big sleeper. Over 200″ some say.

Some have thought the weight of a big RV-like tractor might be an issue, but according to others, weight isn’t that big a deal — sayin its more what you can fit in a trailer rather than how much. But I think most would agree turning in something like this might be an issue. I guess moving jet engines is something like that.