This Pizza. 2 Hours. 8 Friends. $1000. Do you accept?


For those who want to consider how it is even possible to make this, I am of that mind. That is a large pizza. You could feed a legion of Romans with that.

But if 8 friends to try, could they eat it in 2 hours?

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That is a question being offered by Big Mama’s & Papa’s pizzeria in California: Big Mama’s & Papa’s 54″x54″ Grand Sicilian Pizza Challenge.

To buy the pizza in question, which is, yes, 4 and a half feed long, it costs $218 US. So that’s like 30 dollars per person if the price was divided.

The pizza weighs 50 pounds. Split 8 ways, that makes 6.25 pounds of pizza per person. Roughly equivalent to 3 whole large Dominos pizzas plus a few slices, it is not a light undertaking. Even if you had 16 people, that’s like almost 2 large pizzas each.

The prize if a team finishes is $1000 plus the pizza becomes a free meal.

Warning: may cause vomiting and other health concerns.