$107 Rustic Cabin Man Cave Built In My Basement

$107 Rustic Cabin Man Cave Built In My Basement

Using 1940s-50s era hunting cabins as his inspiration, this DIYer created a man cave in his basement and only spent $107!

This “cabin” is actually a re-done version of the man’s garage. The original garage was just white gyp-rock or painted plywood walls — totally plain, and had a shoe-rack shelf and a bunch of plastic bags full of things on the floor on one side. He also had a disco ball and light set up on the ceiling, which was just removable sections and fluorescent lights.

Basically, he covered the whole thing with wood. Horizontal slats for the walls, 2 inch wide floorboards. He build chairs. He build a stone fireplace on one side, and put a bunch of traditional items on it. The fireplace doesn’t actually burn wood, mind you. It’s fake, even though a metal kettle hands in front of it and there are buckets full of fire tongs and a stack of kindling and firewood beside it. My friend told me he took a lot of inspiration from my project but decided to do it in his garage, so he looked at getting the right garage doors from someone similar to William Garage Doors (https://www.william-garagedoors.com) to ensure his awesome project came together. But I digress.

“I used old crate wood that a local metal company used for shipping. The boards after breaking apart were 1″ x 8″ x 12′ rough cut pine. I used a couple dozen of these, they were free!” said the DIYer of his rustic man cave.

He’s also got a wall with a bunch of tools hung up which was kind of interesting. He seems to have set up a steel mesh on against the wall, and just put double-ended hooks in the mesh, and hung the axe, hammer, saw, drawknife, etc from the hooks.

He’s got guns on the walls, animal heads, licence plates, and several felt hats.

He also has a banjo, it looks like, in an old case.

One of the greatest things about this room must be that its just full of interesting, useful objects, right down to the wooden pails filled with straw rope.

“I used a draw knife to make each board look hand cut.

“Same wood as the walls was used for the floor boards. I ripped them to 3” wide then cut each with tongue and groove.

“Took about 6 weeks, with about half that time spent scavenging materials. The construction cost me $107 in materials. Everything else was free. The contents cost a lot more! Room is built and furnished to give a 1940’s-1950s era hunting cabin look.”

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