The gathering and sale of pig’s ear fungus

The gathering and sale of pig's ear fungus

The name for the pig’s ear fungus, also known as Gomphus clavatus, originates from the pale pink to violet colored funnel-shaped and wrinkle-edged cap, which looks like a pig’s ear in shape and texture. The stem is short and thick. The fungus usually grows on big trees. Pig’s ear fungus forms a mycorrhizal relationship with coniferous trees such as fir spruce and also with beech trees. This species is also found in Asia and North America. According to study, pig’s ear fungus population is declining in central Europe and is under threat from the disturbance of its habitat by humans. One of the factors that can lessen the threat to pig’s ear fungi is the reduction in air pollution it is currently facing .

Here are the names of pig ear’s fungus in other countries:

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-Nigeria: Erobelebele Nti

-Thailand: hed hunu

– Indonesia: kuping jamu

-Japan: kikurage

-China: mo-ei; wun yee

-Malaysia: kuping tikus, cendawan telinga kera

Pig’s Ears mushrooms are considered to be a very good condiment and they’re occasionally used for main dishes. You should clean the mushrooms to remove any bacteria and larva. Once cooked, it’s meaty texture adds aromatic taste in soups or sauces. It can also be used as a side dish for beef or lamb. But be reminded that many species of fungus are poisonous. Always check what to pick and only eat the species of fungus that you are sure about and can recognize. It is also used in some herbal medicines.

The trade for pig’s ear fungus had become popular in other parts of the country like Whitford, where it became a supplemental source of income for struggling farmers on poor land. It has lots of medicinal benefits due to the nutrients it contains such as vitamins, protein, fat, iron and polysaccharides. Black fungus is said to be able to increase the fluidity and circulation of the blood, and is beneficial to those with anemia. It also helps eliminate skin pigmentation.