6 Pest Control Tips for Spring – Do It Yourself!

6 Pest Control Tips for Spring

The coming of the spring season will make many homeowners busy preparing for a summer of pest-free dwelling. Yards and gardens must be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of annoying bugs and pests. It is a tedious and undesirable task to be done, but there are some ways to lessen pest swarms.

Pests come from outside and they slowly enter your house. Considering necessary measures will fight off crawling pests before they turn into a noticeable issue in your house. The most effective method of pest control is, of course, professional help. If you are interested in a professional pest service, check out something like pest control Des Moines to comprehensively eliminate those unwelcome guests before they become a major problem. Its also worth considering your location, there are a lot of pest control services out there that do a great job but you really want to do your research and get the right inspection to begin with so you know for certain that you have a particular type of rodent or pest. A friend tells me that termite control los angeles are really good at their job. Their inspections are top notch.

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  1. Look around your garden and see if grasses have become tall. Trim them and make sure they don’t grow too tall.
  2. Mulching for at least 3 feet from your house is effective in warding off pillbugs, rodents, centipedes and earwigs. Several insects are drawn to beautiful flowers and green leaves, hence, three feet of mulch from your house will certainly protect you.
  3. Insects are too small that they can enter tiny spaces and gaps on windows and doors. Make use of sealants to ensure that they cannot enter your house. The use of screens will also work well. Just make sure they are properly fitted. Also check your pipes as tiny entrances are easily noticed by crawling insects. For your attics and ceilings, check that there are no entry points for mice. Immediately seal them before harmful mice ruin your peace of mind.
  4. Remove standing water in your garden. Usually fountains that are not always in use tend to accumulate moss and insects are drawn to this type of environment.
  5. Always check that there are no leftover pet foods on their bowls. Ants love morsels and once they spot accumulated morsels on your pet’s bowl, they will feast on it. Also, other harmful pests like rodents will also be attracted to enter your home.
  6. .Move around and see if there are clutter in your garages and attics. Spiders will create their web and linger on dark areas. Cockroaches also hide on boxes and wooden materials. Storing boxes and wooden materials will just draw them to hang on and make it their home. Hence, throw away extra stuff and make your garage and attic clutter-free.


These useful tips will help you eliminate harmful insects in your home, garden and yard. Having a pest-free dwelling is safe for you and your kids and this will also add more value to your home.