5 popular foods that contain toxic ingredients

5 popular foods that contain toxin ingredients

Are you eating straight from your backyard? Most of us aren’t. We have little control over what ADDITIVES go into our food. The FDA has already banned some additives, but there are still some foods on the shelves–COMMON ones–that nutrition experts, such as Mira and Jayson Calton, PhD, that are somewhat dangerous to your health.

1. MAC and CHEESE, which contains FOOD COLORING agents yellow 5 and yellow 6, that give it its cheesy color. These are dangerous dyes made from coal and tar–not edible, and similar to the ingredients of anti-lice shampoo, a product designed to kill lice. Articifical colors are also possible contributors to allergies, ADHD and cancer.

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2. FLATBREADS and WRAPS, which include brominated flour (potasium bromate) which is used to speed up/cheapen production, and which has been linked ot kidney and nervous disorders, as well as gastrointestinal discomfort.

3. Sports drinks, which are colored with agents blue 1 and blue 2, added to make the drink attractive, are unnatural and may pose special risks to kids. Studies have shown the dyes may hinder cognitive development.

4. DIET CHIPS (Fat Free Chips) have been shown in animal tests to make animals MORE HUNGRY later.

5. YOGURT, THE NON-ORGANIC KIND, which, unlike organic yoghurt, come from growth-hormone-fed cows. They hormones may also cause cancer.