How to Build Amazing Sparkle Balls Out of Plastic Cups

How to Build Amazing Sparkle Balls Out of Plastic Cups

Some people enjoy having colored light on all year round in their home, not just during the Christmas season. Do you know anyone who leaves multi-colored strings of lights on in their basement just because they like the ambiance? Their glow makes for a wonderful atmosphere that is enjoyed and admired by all.

If you happen to know someone that sounds like this, then this project might be for them! It also looks like a great decoration for a dinner party or a nighttime get together. It can also be very romantic if your partner also enjoys the lights as much as you do.

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The materials and instructions are simple. You need 50 clear plastic cups, (not the red solo cup) some staples to hold them together, a drill to make holes, and a strong of Christmas lights to run through the holes to light the ball up. The lights can’t be the older kind; you need LEDs (also known as Light Emitting Diode) because they don’t melt the plastic and can also create a fire and or toxic fumes hazard.

This is how you are going to make it. You’re going to be very surprised at just how easy it is!

Drill a hole in the bottom of each plastic cup. Then, staple 12 cups together to form a circle. Then make a 9 cup circle above the 12 cup circle. You can use clothespins to support the cups while you staple them together. Then make a 4-cup circle at the top.

From the inside of the dome that you have just made, place the LED lights through the holes.

Make a second half-sphere the same way, fill it with LED lights the same way, and then staple the two halves together.

In conclusion, these sparkle cups are fun and easy to make, and in no time flat you’ll be the envy of your friends, who’ll also probably want to make their own lights!

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