What a Different Amount of Eggs Does to a Cake!

Here’s a neat experiment some internetizen named iBleeedorange came up with and tried, and then posted pictures of their eggs. In our edited version of his cake photos, the furthest left one is the 0 eggs cake, then above is the 1 eggs cake, and so it goes around in a circle until 4 eggs.

Kind of an interesting experiment,

IBleeedorange said that 0 eggs made for a cake “short, dense and compact, that fell apart when cut.”

1 egg: “Rather dense and compact, held together when cut.”

2 eggs: “Greater height and lighter textre, and even more structural strength.”

3 eggs: “Taller and lighter. Slightly spongy texture.”

4 eggs: “Short, dense and rubbery. We’ve gone too far!”

1-5 eggs