DIY Options for Staining Concrete

DIY Options for Staining Concrete

Are you planning out some concrete work? Have you ever mapped out what is involved in concrete staining?

Here’s some staining options for basements, garages, patios or anywhere else.


Has a range of colors and two major types of stain. One type shows the concrete’s surface features. The other makes the concrete surface appear more uniform in color and tone. There are less available colors in the more uniform staining product, which is called “Penetrating Concrete Stain.” The other one is “Transglucent.”

Applying stain means rolling/brushing it on like paint. This also means removing previous stains first.

Thinking about filling in concrete cracks?

Top cap or similar products are an option, and it can be stained. Apply it with a push trowel or mortar sprayer.