Chalk Paint 101 – How To Get That Vintage Look

Does pastel remind you of the 50s? This vintage look can be achieved with chalk paint. You can paint your old (or new) furniture with chalk paint to get this look… do it yourself.

Chalk paint is different from other paint because it contains plaster (because of the plaster it will stick to almost any furniture, and you don’t need to do layering the way you do with other paints).

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You can either make your own plaster paint by adding plaster (a small amount — 5 tbsp Plaster of Paris to 2 tbsp water and 2 cups indoor paint) to regular paint or you can buy it already made.

The plaster tones the brightness and shinyness down, making the completed paint job mattish, and also, to some eyes, “antique.” You get a look with plaster paints that you don’t get from other paints, that’s for sure.

To seal this paint, use a wax after the chalk paint has dried. Apply the wax with a rag.