Great New for Cat Lovers – Wet Felting

cat wet felting

Great news for momo-lovers for it’s time for momo wet felt making. Creating a kitty with wet felt is absolutely awesome! Crafty minded will enjoy this and will really have fun! Definitely, it is adorable even for those who have no interest in cats!

Make use of a felting wool with two different colors. Orange color felting wool is for the main body and white color felting wool is for the stripes. Black is for the two cute kitty eyes, three textured needle and four sponge block. You can use a pillow for the sponge block.

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Now it’s time to work for the kitty’s head. Loosely roll the orange color with your fingers. Never roll it tightly as it might not shape the cat’ head properly. Then stab it continuously until it is shaped like a ball.


For the body, stab over and over until the cat’s body is formed. The next part is the tail. This time you have to tightly roll with your fingers. Swirl it with your fingers to form a curve shape. This will create a cute kitten. Attach the rolled tail to the cat’s body.

Place the eyes and put a few whiskers to make it more realistic. Now, your cat is ready!

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