Laid Back Cat (free crochet pattern)

crochet cat

Does this crochet cat remind you of that somewhat internet-famous picture of a white-bellied grey cat sprawled over the belly of its owner? That picture was the inspiration for this crochet pattern — the amigurumi crochet laid-back cat.

The crochet crafter behind the idea: Pam G., the blogger behind the Crochet Parfait blog.

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What you’ll need for this crochet amigurumi project:

A hook (G 6″ is recommended), some worsted grey yarn. Some pink and white as well. Black embroidery floss. Pink felt. Tacky glue. A tapestry needle. And last-but-not-least, Poly-fil stuffing to fill your crochet cat.

Stitches and crochets involved:

Single, Single 2 stitches together, and Chain

The pattern starts out with the head, making a grey and white increasing whorl, then decreasing, until the ball is formed, then the body, done in the same way but a longer object. Then the four feet, the tail, the ears, the cheeks, nose and face, whiskers. Then with the felt the paws are made cutting out shapes and glueing them on. That should do it.

For the DIY crochet laid-back amigurumi cat pattern, visit Crochet Parfait (click here).