Easy Crochet Pillow

Easy Crochet Pillow

If you like crochet quilts — like granny quilts — you will probably like this crochet quilt-inspired pillow, and it’s an easy one to make. Why? Because you’re crocheting several small squares, which are each manageable, and then you’re stitching them together. However, the actual crochet skill level is intermediate, plus a couple more tricky parts to making it.

This crochet idea and pattern is the handiwork of Tara over at the Mamachee blog, who came up with the idea herself and then crocheted it.

Each square is 3 1/2 inches square, so if you space them out. You can also see how you could adapt this pattern quite easily to make larger (or smaller) crochet pillows). I mean 4 by 4 square, 5 by 5, 5 by 4.

Crochet supplies needed for this project:
– I hook
– Worsted weight yarn in two colors
(The picture at the top is made with MC: White and CC: Any other color(s))
-Yarn Needle

Crochet skill level for this project: Intermediate mostly, but there are many color changes and one unusual stitch, so maybe “Advanced” for that.

When you change colors, just drop the previous color and start the new color, and drag all the colors you are using but not working with at the moment around to the back, that’s Tara’s advice. For the free pattern, visit Tara over at Mamachee blog (click here).