Crochet slippers

crochet slippers

Crochet slippers are sometimes a winter project, but especially in the cooler climates they can be for any time of year. For crocheter Tanya though, they’re something that make her feel good to make in Fall. She thought of this crochet slipper project in order to “prepare for a little coziness” and give her a snug, comfortable feeling.

The crochet project is not a difficult one. It took her only an afternoon, she said.

Crochet project supplies:

  • wool (in the photo above she used 2 colors, pink and grey, and she used 100% merino wool)
  • 2 crochet hooks: 4.5 mm and 5 mm

How these slippers are made: start off by crocheting rounds starting from the toe. The toe is all one color. Once it is complete, crochet rows for the sole of the foot/ sides of the slipper (it’s a flat piece but when the heel is crocheted, the sides will curve up.

You will also need to consider your own foot size. The slippers in the picture above were made to fit Tanya’s own feet. To adjust for shoe size or length, different parts of the pattern can be adjusted.

To see the free crochet pattern, visit Tanya at Little Things Blogged (click here) (which uses a CC licence).