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How Much Fuel Does This Tractor Carry?

Owner-operators and truck drivers out there — RVers, too — we’ve probably all been down a long road and started to regret that we didn’t stop at the last gas station to fuel up, but hoped the next station wouldn’t be too far. Eyeing the fuel gauge every 10 or 20 seconds for the next […]

This Travel Trailer is Like a Mobile-Home

According to people who deal with travel trailers every day, this travel trailer is unique and could be ideal for parking at a lake spot or somewhere an RVer wants to stay long term. It also has a lot of other features most trailers don’t have. It’s a wide-bodied travel trailer. This is a wide-bodied […]

RV Trailer with a Smart Car, and It Can Do Sharp Turns

What do you think of these set-ups where they use a big tractor and tow a fifth wheel trailer, but then they also park a small vehicle on the bed of the tractor? I’ve seen them load little Isuzu’s and smart cars on the bed mostly. Of course, you could also add an ATV to […]

Four Future Trucks

So, owner operators and truck drivers around the world, you know we’ve been finding interesting future semi truck designs and seeing what you all think of them for a while now. But most of the designs we’ve shared have been American semi trucks or European designs (often the cabovers are European). But it turns out […]

A Fifth Wheel with 5 Slides!

Fifth wheels trailer enthusiasts, there are those of us out there who are just happy to get out in the outdoors with our regular trailer … and it has no slide outs. And for lots of us, 2 or 3 slides sounds like a lot. Four definitely seems like a lot I think. But how […]

Big Tough Looking Motorhome

This big RV motorhome came up for sale recently. I hadn’t seen one like it before, so I though I’d share it with you all. It’s called a “Cobra Toterhome.” It’s a 2003 Cobra, and the seller was in Michigan when it was up for sale a couple months ago. That chassis for the toterhome […]

Little Transformable Trailer Does Multiple Jobs – Neat RV

Well, not everyone wants (or has space or funds for) a large motorhome or giant luxury fifth wheel toy hauler, right? But do you need something that big? Maybe you don’t. We found this small trailer that does a bunch of different jobs (it transforms to do them) for just those people who like smaller […]

This RV’s Rear Door Opens and You See … THIS!

The scenery in this photo is nice, but what about that comfortable looking room that opens up in the back of this fifth wheel RV?┬áNot only does this trailer have that open rear area for dining, it also has three slide outs and a large cargo area. In toy hauler fashion, the large cargo area […]