argosy 3-quarter view

Freightliner Argosy: They Don’t Make Tractors The Way They Used To!

These huge cabover tractors slash motorhomes are built in Cleveland in the American plant for Freightliner Argosy, which has robotics and the best technology the company has. It was designed in America’s wind-tunnels, too. The four main objectives Argosy set out to accomplish with this design were these, and they show the focus the tractor […]


Peterbilt Cabover… What An Amazing-Looking Vehicle!!

Is this not an amazing-looking vehicle? Just a rectagle at the front of a chassis and belt. It really catches the eye. Its a Peterbilt Cabover. So simple, too, visually. Not any room to lay down, so you wouldn’t want to take this on trips or even use it as your personal truck, but the […]