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How Many Football Teams Can You Name?

Football is unarguably the greatest sport ever played in North America. Anyone who has played football knows the meaning of being part of a team, accomplishing things as a team, how everyone has a role, how you can’t do your job if the other guy doesn’t do his, how the whole team depends on every […]

Soccer Players: How Many Can You Name?

Soccer Players: How Many Can You Name?

This is a collection of artist and t-shirt designer Dani Nyari’s designs based on soccer — or “football” players portraits. Nyari has a very bright, clear, but interesting-because-it’s-somewhat-obscured-in-style style. He does lots of subject, including products — he’s worked with a lot of companies you would recognize. Who are soccer “playmakers”? Well, Nyari defines them […]

Why It’s Hard To Create A Football League

Throughout history professional football leagues have come and gone, with the main exception of the National Football League standing tall. There have been attempts made to establish other professional football leagues, but because of a few costly mistakes that were made, these other leagues ultimately folded. In the case of the original United States Football […]

Should the NFL Consider Realignment?

The 2015 NFL regular season has gotten under way and 32 teams are currently battling it out to determine who will win their divisions and advance to the playoffs. Since 2002 the NFL has upheld its current division and conference alignment where there are 8 divisions of 4 teams each. This is an easy to […]

College Football

In-Depth Look at the College Football Playoff

The Bowl Championship Series lasted from 1998 to 2013, and while the combined formula of computers, coaches and press tried its best to select the best 2 teams to compete for the National Championship in college football at the end of each year, the fact of the matter was that hardly anybody was really satisfied […]

Should Basketball Adopt the 4-Point Shot?

Antoine Walker once joked about it, the Harlem Globetrotters regularly use it as one of their gimmicks, and the NBA actually discussed the possibility of it last year in 2014. Is it possible for professional basketball, and especially the NBA, to adopt a 4-point shot in their game? Many basketball fans and historians would say […]

How to Build Your Own Regulation Cornhole Set

Cornhole sets are fairly expensive to buy in stores, right? And it’s just wood and beanbags. But actually, wood is expensive, and the product has significant size and weight. It’s not like it’s made out of plastic or something. However, you can cut costs by making your own. TOOLS Jig Saw Measuring Tape Compass Drill […]

Following The Rules In Sports

Throughout the history of sports there has been a fair share of controversial events when players, coaches or teams have attempted to either bend the rules or flat out break them. We can date all the way back to 1919 when the Chicago White Sox threw the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds because some […]