How Many of these Dogs can You name?

Name That Dog! How many of these 8 canines can you name? Correctly? Are you sure? Don’t peek at the answers. Test yourself! 1. – they are very muscular. They have a short but thick coat and often the tails are docked. They are working dogs, used most often in the military and with the […]

Canadian Dogs

Name That Canadian Dog!

Can you correctly identify all six of these Canadian breeds? Match the numbers to the correct descriptions. Here are some hints: __A__ Native to Nova Scotia, these duck dogs have made excellent companions for hunters. They enjoy playing in the water but are hardworking when it comes time to hunt waterfowl. Active families who enjoy […]

Food Flags

Food Flags, Flags Made Out Of Food!

How many of these delicious flags can you name the country for? The flags all use a variety of ingredients, but the flag makers tried to stick to basic traditional food for each country. Is there any country you think they should have included? and what food would you make their flag out of? The […]

Childhood Photos of Famous Musicians!

How many of these now famous musicians can you name? None of them were famous when these photos were taken. Do you know which one became “famous” at the earliest age? It’s #6. But when he became “famous” at that time, it wasn’t as a musician. Actually, he’s the only one here who became famous […]

Korean Foods Test!

Korean Foods Test!

This is the first in a series on Korean local foods: Has anyone tried any of them before? Can you name these 10 Korean street foods? Don’t peek… ①Dakkochi (Grilled chicken skewer): It is called Dakkochi in Korean, which is a grilled chicken skewer. But why is it so red? Because chilli sauce is put […]

80s movies

Can YOU Name These 80s Movies?

80s films, like a lot of 80s most popular cultural works, are admired by some people and are criticized by others. For reasons not conclusively known, lots of popular art in the 80s was lighthearted, non-serious, even materialistic, but at the same time a lot was fun, lively, energetic. In film, these lighter 80s movies […]


This Pizza. 2 Hours. 8 Friends. $1000. Do you accept?

For those who want to consider how it is even possible to make this, I am of that mind. That is a large pizza. You could feed a legion of Romans with that. But if 8 friends to try, could they eat it in 2 hours? That is a question being offered by Big Mama’s & Papa’s […]

Food Cubes Test

Food Cubes Test #2

This is the first in a series of Food Cube Tests: Can you name the food in each cube? For information about the source of these cubes (it’s a big poster that is available for around $770 US Dollars), see below. Here are some hints, if you need them: Dense-leaved heads and can be green, purple […]