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Name That Film Car

How well do you know your filmography when it comes to screen automobiles? This quiz is based on a picture by Calm the Ham, a graphic artist organization that creates compendium-like posters of filmographic objects. Their posters are available to buy, so visit their website if you’re interested in this (link at bottom) Starting at […]

modern architectural stylesmodern architectural stylesmodern architectural stylesmodern architectural styles

How many Modern Architectural styles can you identify?

The last century amazed us and kept us interested in architectural styles as architects invented new style after new style at a rate unprecedented in history. The trend towards new building styles continues in this century with 21st Century architecture. The modern period in architecture began roughly around 1900 and continues still. A note about […]

How Many Wes Anderson Characters Can You Name?

Film trivia: Wes Anderson has created some of the most memorable characters in recent movie history, and how many of these characters can you look at and think of a scene with them doing something characteristic from a movie, and think also of how many times that has popped up in you mind before. These pictures […]

nfl guessing game

How Many Football Teams Can You Name?

Football is unarguably the greatest sport ever played in North America. Anyone who has played football knows the meaning of being part of a team, accomplishing things as a team, how everyone has a role, how you can’t do your job if the other guy doesn’t do his, how the whole team depends on every […]

Soccer Players: How Many Can You Name?

Soccer Players: How Many Can You Name?

This is a collection of artist and t-shirt designer Dani Nyari’s designs based on soccer — or “football” players portraits. Nyari has a very bright, clear, but interesting-because-it’s-somewhat-obscured-in-style style. He does lots of subject, including products — he’s worked with a lot of companies you would recognize. Who are soccer “playmakers”? Well, Nyari defines them […]

Native American Hand Signs

Native American Hand Signs

When hunting, Native Americans used signals to communicate rather than words in order to not scare off the animals.  Storytelling was usually accompanied by body language to further illustrate the speaker’s story. Can you guess what these signals mean? 1.  Most people do this at night 2.  Before cars became popular, this is what you […]

What Are These Spheres Made From?

Can you guess what these spheres are made from? Each one has a different material surface. Some are harder than others to guess. See how many you can get before reading the answers… Hints: 1. A sugary drink 2. Water & oxygen contribute to its condition 3. When it gets warm out this happens 4. […]

10 Of The Largest North American Migratory Birds

10 Of The Largest North American Migratory Birds

How many can you guess? Here’s some hints: 1. They can be found in both Canada and the States.  In colder months they will often migrate to the Southern States and to Mexico but many have become permanent residents in areas which offer a warmer winter season. When migrating they utilize the infamous V formation […]