Dumpster Diving: DIY Pool Made From a Reclaimed Waste Container

Creating a good dumpster pool is easy and simple and it may be made to look like a luxurious hotel pool by using a waterproof material and by carving some shapes to showcase some classy appeal. Here, experimental designer Stefan Beese creates a case for elegant dumpster pools with ‘The Pool Box,’ a 22×7 foot braced […]

Super Cool VW Van Tent

VW Vanatics, this tent might interest you. It’s looks like a VW van parked in a grassy field surrounded by trees, a nice camping location, but RVers, there is no V in this RV. This tent is made in the exact same dimensions as the VW van, but it has less of an engine even […]

This Is An RV! Escape Cabin Style

How dwellings like this get classes as RVs and not homes is that they come in under 10,000 pounds (but not $10,000 dollars, unfortunately). Park model RVs are built for people who want more space than a tiny home, but this one seems to have a good layout for space, but is small in size […]

7 Essential Skills for Staying Alive in the Wild

7 Essential Skills for Staying Alive in the Wild

Decades-long Air Force man Rod Alne gives 7 tips for surviving in the wild. He starts out with building a smarter survival kit. A three-tier system. First, on your body, 30-50 feet of 550 paracord braided into a lanyard with a signaling device (whistle, etc) attached. Also carry a firestarter (bic or other), a small […]

All-Natural Mosquito Repellant Mason Jar

All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Mason Jar

Having a good time with your family and friends outdoors is really fun and exciting. However, the presence of mosquitoes will ruin your get-together, hence, be prepared with a portable natural mosquito repellent. Experimenting with this easy mosquito repellent mason jar will keep those creepy pests away. Also, you will be enjoying the refreshing aroma of […]

Teardrop Trailer

Isn’t This Why We Love Our Teardrop Trailer?

You can take a tent anywhere on the back of your bicycle, but a tent has to be put up, taken down, and what about all the stuff inside it? You have to carry that, too. On the other end of the outdoor dwelling spectrum, motorhomes have everything you need, but they’re big, you have […]

Camper-Boat Hybrid

The Camper-Boat Hybrid Sails Again

Some great things happened in 1969, and one of the interesting vehicular developments to come out on the lots that year (1969-1970) was this boat-slash-camper. It’s called a Terra Marina, and it was made by Aqua-Trail (interesting name). There’s actually a few of these around still. They look like a trailer, yes, but then they […]

Volkswagen Doubleback

This Volkswagen Doubleback Campervan Design

This is a Volkswagen Doubleback Campervan, class-B motor home, and it’s build from aircraft-grade components. It is the from Doubleback, Ltd (UK), and was developed by the founder and principal engineer of Doubleback, Craig McCormack. It’s based on the VW T5. VW vans have a pretty large slice of the camper van market. This is another innovation […]