DIY Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Fishing Rod Holder

The theme here seems to be that PVC works for fishing rods. Fishing rods are long, and PVC comes in long tubes. Likewise, ceiling mount. Long fishing rods need a place to rest out of the way. Walls usually are cluttered already, so why not hang them on the ceiling. The ceiling is also a […]

Camper-Boat Hybrid

The Camper-Boat Hybrid Sails Again

Some great things happened in 1969, and one of the interesting vehicular developments to come out on the lots that year (1969-1970) was this boat-slash-camper. It’s called a Terra Marina, and it was made by Aqua-Trail (interesting name). There’s actually a few of these around still. They look like a trailer, yes, but then they […]

flying RV

RV that flies!? A New Era in RVing? A flying RV!

This winged Winnebago may take RVing to new heights. This flying RV design could be very useful, couldn’t it? In places like Alaska, from what I hear, everyone already uses planes to get around everywhere. I hear there are manĀ y, many personal planes up there. What we’re looking at here is a recreational vehicle design […]

How To Fend Off An Alligator!

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” Mahatma Gandhi The proverb above may have a different meaning but according to what a Florida alligator expert says, if you are already a target of an alligator and you are likely to become it’s meal, fight like your life depends on it because it surely does. The […]

How To Fend Off A Shark

How To Fend Off A Shark

Every time I hear the word shark, the first thing that comes to my mind is this vicious, dangerous, flesh eating fish. Thanks to the Hollywood movies Jaws and Deep Blue Sea, it brought us fear of the sea because these predators might decide to add us humans as part of their meal. But the […]