rustic cabin rental

Rustic Cabin Rental

Rustic cabins are a natural way to get away from a lot of the city and town-related things you might want to take a break from, and you can get into nature, breathe some fresh air, smell the trees and rain and moss around you, and get some “clean dirt” on you and your clothes. […]

rustic cabin retreat

Rusic Cabin Retreat

A forest or mountain cabin, or a lake cabin, is something a lot of us think about, whether it would be our main place to live or a second house, like a country house to get away from the hustle and bustle of town/city paces, or even a vacation home. Some people even consider them […]

mountain cabin

Mountain Cabin Interior — There’s a Cabin Inside, Too

It’s actually a house built around an older cabin! Can you see the older cabin through the windows? Mountain cabin enthusiasts, this might be a new cabin idea for you. This cabin was actually built around a pre-existing shingle-style cabin. The architect behind the cabin modification overcame a couple of issues they had been dealing […]

portable hot tub

Hot Tub Anywhere You Go?

RVers everywhere have different ideas about being out there on the road, visiting natural sites and doing everything RVers do, but at least a part of that has to do with making their trip a bit comfortable. Anyone whose ever RVed will know that unless you have a giant luxury motorhome or toterhome or something, […]

DIY Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Fishing Rod Holder

The theme here seems to be that PVC works for fishing rods. Fishing rods are long, and PVC comes in long tubes. Likewise, ceiling mount. Long fishing rods need a place to rest out of the way. Walls usually are cluttered already, so why not hang them on the ceiling. The ceiling is also a […]


Bear Breaks into Pie Shop and Devours 38 Pies

A pie store in Pinewood Springs, Colorado had a great story to share with customers about how a gluttonous bear feasted on their pies one Monday night. According to Lehnert, the owner of the pie shop, the bear enjoyed the 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies but did not touch any of the strawberry rhubarb pies. […]

DIY Composting Techniques

5 DIY Composting Techniques For Creating Your Own Rich, Organic Fertilizer

Composting is necessary if you want to have rich fertilizer handy for your plants and veggies. It is simple and you can apply these five different methods. It does not matter if you are taking care of a big farm or you just have a little kitchen garden in an urban residence. Composting can be done […]

The Basics of Gold Mining

While venturing into a gold mine is fun and exciting, it can also be intimidating and dangerous as all mines are underneath the earth’s surface in some shape or form. Working in a gold mine is no easy job as it will take extensive amounts of time and effort to find any pieces of gold. […]