foods buy once, regrow forever

Foods to Buy Once and Regrow Forever

Every time we cook our food for our daily meals, we keep on throwing out heaps of vegetable scraps and we end up with full trash bins. But did you know that we can regrow vegetables, fruits and herbs? Imagine how much we can add to our savings from re-growing them, and we can also […]

Mason Jars

10 Creative Projects For Mason Jars

Mason jars are very useful and you can repurpose them in a lot of ways. Of course, these classy jars are great for storing candies, sweets and cookies and they are also great for infusing water. Here are some uses that you might have not thought about: Beautiful Flower Jar Who said that mason jars are meant for foodies […]

Japanese Cucumber Molds

Creating beautiful and fun shapes for your fruits and veggies is really awesome! Cucumbers can be easily molded and shaped into a star shape. Make your salad fantastic with this cucumber mold. It is perfect for your parties, get-togethers or simply for your daily salads. Kids will take interest with fun shapes and they will […]


This Pizza. 2 Hours. 8 Friends. $1000. Do you accept?

For those who want to consider how it is even possible to make this, I am of that mind. That is a large pizza. You could feed a legion of Romans with that. But if 8 friends to try, could they eat it in 2 hours? That is a question being offered by Big Mama’s & Papa’s […]

pizza cones

Are Pizza Cones A Good Idea? Home Made Pizza Cones!

Got to leave and drive to work? But you’re pizza is ready now? Tough to carry a slice of pizza while doing things. Are pizza cones a solution? One of the problems with pizza cones is how to make them. You have to bake them upright while preserving that cone shape. Now, an amateur cook […]

Food Cubes Test

Food Cubes Test #2

This is the first in a series of Food Cube Tests: Can you name the food in each cube? For information about the source of these cubes (it’s a big poster that is available for around $770 US Dollars), see below. Here are some hints, if you need them: Dense-leaved heads and can be green, purple […]

Food Cubes Test #1

Food Cubes Test #1

This is the first in a series of Food Cube Tests: Can you name the food in each cube? Here are some hints, if you need them: Top row: Some religions are prohibited from eating this. One of many, many sources of Vitamin C. A body-type sought by many men in women. Second row: Tastes good when you […]

Clothing Color and Psychology: What Your Clothes Tell Other People About YOU

Buytvshirtsonline, a UK-based clothing company, has published the results of an analysis of data they collected asking thousands of people what they thought of colors, or how people perceived colors of clothes. The company’s conclusions: Color might be more important than you think. Partly because you have seconds to make a first impression on people, and […]