DIY Backyard Chicken Coop

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop

Chicken coops are increasingly popular. You can’t have a chicken coop everywhere, and it takes some work to maintain one, but you get free eggs. You can share the eggs, too, and even sell them. It’s something you can do at home, and it will make you somewhat self-sufficient. Here’s a guy who build his […]

wet felt

Make These Wet Felt Coasters

Felt making is a fun hobby for creative hands. You only need a few inexpensive materials. I am sure you have a sushi mat in your kitchen but it is better to get a separate one for your arts. Prepare merino wool top, a bar of Castile soap, soap shavings, tutu fabric, a plastic bottle […]


This Beehive Lets You Harvest Honey Automatically Without Disturbing Bees

Stuart and Cedar Anderson, father-and-son beekeepers in Australia, made this excellent ground-breaking invention! This invention allows honey bees to naturally inhale and exhale air while inside their hives. It makes it easy for beekeepers to collect honey directly from the beehives without any interference to the bees inside. This is really a smart invention! It is a […]

foods buy once, regrow forever

Foods to Buy Once and Regrow Forever

Every time we cook our food for our daily meals, we keep on throwing out heaps of vegetable scraps and we end up with full trash bins. But did you know that we can regrow vegetables, fruits and herbs? Imagine how much we can add to our savings from re-growing them, and we can also […]

Mason Jars

10 Creative Projects For Mason Jars

Mason jars are very useful and you can repurpose them in a lot of ways. Of course, these classy jars are great for storing candies, sweets and cookies and they are also great for infusing water. Here are some uses that you might have not thought about: Beautiful Flower Jar Who said that mason jars are meant for foodies […]

Beautiful Lace Candle Holder You Make Yourself Out Of Concrete

With a few simple materials, you can make these attractive candle holders, or “votives” as you can call them. They were blogged about by Claire from Fellow Fellow and put on Say Yes, and they’re quite nice looking aren’t they. Note: this article uses regular cement, but you can also get air-dry clay from art […]

A Pair Of Socks Becomes This Cute Cat

DIY Sock Kittens – Free Pattern Crafters will really have a fantastic day with this cute DIY Sock Kittens idea! Gather unused small socks from your bedroom’s drawer and you will enjoy making this adorable cat. Crafting a sweet kitten face is a perfect handmade keepsake for your kiddos and for cat-lovers. Making sock animals like […]

pizza cones

Are Pizza Cones A Good Idea? Home Made Pizza Cones!

Got to leave and drive to work? But you’re pizza is ready now? Tough to carry a slice of pizza while doing things. Are pizza cones a solution? One of the problems with pizza cones is how to make them. You have to bake them upright while preserving that cone shape. Now, an amateur cook […]