Living Tomato Ripeness Chart

Living Tomato Ripeness Chart

These are sweet 100/super sweet 100 tomatoes. The guy who grew them did so in zone 6. “Very easy to find seeds. They are amazingly productive,” said grower Cole3823. For those who don’t know about “zone 6,” the world is separated into¬†different main climates for growing. They are categorized by numbers. I’m in new England […]

Chalk Paint 101 – How To Get That Vintage Look

Does pastel remind you of the 50s? This vintage look can be achieved with chalk paint. You can paint your old (or new) furniture with chalk paint to get this look… do it yourself. Chalk paint is different from other paint because it contains plaster (because of the plaster it will stick to almost any […]

Save Your Citrus Trees With White Paint

Saplings and very young trees are susceptible to damage in ways older, bigger trees are not vulnerable to. An old-time method of dealing with this is shielding trees behind a layer of white paint. Insect damage to trees, sunscald, cracked, damaged bark on the young saplings and trees can all be minimized with white paint. […]

How to Build Your Own Regulation Cornhole Set

Cornhole sets are fairly expensive to buy in stores, right? And it’s just wood and beanbags. But actually, wood is expensive, and the product has significant size and weight. It’s not like it’s made out of plastic or something. However, you can cut costs by making your own. TOOLS Jig Saw Measuring Tape Compass Drill […]

Silo House

Would You Live In A Silo House Like This?

Yes, silos have been turned into houses. This one is in the Midwest of the States — in Utah. It’s called the Monte-Silo house. From a distance, you might think it’s still a grain silo. But the inside has some very unusual features, just like the house itself. Take the beds for example. They sit […]

Silos Turned Into Solar Homes, A New Plan In Sustainability

Silos Turned Into Solar Homes, A New Plan In Sustainability?

Go local and you will have a better chance of sustainability than buing bulk from a mass-production warehouse somewhere, or so the odds go. What about old grain silos, which you can find everywhere unused and just falling apart in some cases. Yes, they can, say a group of students, although the students didn’t actually […]

Prefab Metal Homes Are Very Fast, Have A Tiny Footprint, And Make Renos, Changes, And Resale Easier

If you live in a desert or other out-of-the-way location, you may know that in order to build in your location. That’s one of the benefits of steel home construction. Some of these are factory modules, some custom. Of course, you can have just about anything built. So how does it cut down on costs […]

Buildings With Steel

Prefab Metal Homes: 12 Advantages

Steel is used in a number of building applications regularly, but what about as the material for your own house? There are several reasons to consider steel as the main material for your home. Here we list 12 important advantages steel has over wood, stone, or concrete. 1. Steel is light but strong. Steel building […]